Budget for These Hidden Home Selling Costs

How much does it cost to sell your home?
When selling your home, your financial investment doesn’t end with the list price!

Here are a few hidden costs that you should be prepared to encounter when you put your house up for sale.

Repairs and updates — Whether it’s a few coats of paint or replacing light fixtures, there will be small improvements and upgrades to be made. Plus, your home inspection may turn up a few things that need to be addressed.

Closing costs — Usually the buyer pays closing costs, but they might also request that you cover that as part of their offer. Keep in mind that closing costs are often 2-5% of the purchase price.

Fees— You’ll need to pay any outstanding sales and transfer tax, as well as property taxes. Make sure to also budget for things like title insurance, HOA fees, and similar fees.Nationwide, the average cost of selling your home is around $15,000. And of course, that number can be higher in more expensive cities.

But don’t worry: I am here here to help! As you get ready to sell your home, you have a trusted expert in your corner to help you budget, prepare your home for sale, list it, and review offers — so these hidden costs don’t sneak up on you.

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Don’t Let Pets Disrupt Your Sale

What do you think of when you see your pets? You probably think of how cute they are, how much you love them, or at worst, you might wonder why they look like they’ve just done something they’re ashamed of! But when a potential home buyer sees your pets, or signs of them, an entirely different set of thoughts may be running through their heads.

Not everyone is a pet person
To the people considering buying your home, pets can mean a lot of negatives: Damage to the house, buildup of unpleasant animal odors, and allergens from fur and dander, among other things. Plus, some people are afraid of animals, so having your dog around during showings (no matter how friendly!) could literally scare off buyers.So how do you make sure you still get top dollar for your home, despite being a pet owner? The best and simplest way is just to stop looking like a pet owner.

How to hide Fido
By removing any indication of pet ownership from your home, you can effectively sell your house for the same price as your pet-free neighbors. There are a few steps to clearing evidence of pets out of your home.

Get a deep cleaning 
It’s easy to get used to animal odors when you live with pets, but for people coming into your home for the first time, the smell of dogs or a cat litter box can be apparent. A deep cleaning should leave your home smelling fresh and pet-free.

Remove your pet’s accessories 
Food and water bowls, leashes, toys, beds, and cages should all be stashed away during showings. It’s best if you remove them from the house entirely — home buyers often open cabinets and closets!

Dust and vacuum daily
After you deep clean, it is important to dust and vacuum daily to minimize the amount of pet hair on surfaces. Brushing and grooming your pet regularly while you are showing your home can help too!

And of course, remember to take your pet with you whenever you have a showing!

To you, your pets are wonderful. But to buyers, they could be a deal breaker. Give yourself the best possible chance of selling (and save your pets the stress of strangers in their space!) by taking them temporarily out of the picture during the home selling process.

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